Why I Write

My mother once told me that if she was told she had a finite amount of time left, she would spend those days/weeks/months writing down the stories of her life and her family for my sister and me. Fortunately, she was able to share a lot of stories with us, but unfortunately, many of her stories remained untold (and largely unwritten).

I began blogging shortly after Cute Husband and I married in 2006, which was shortly before I learned I was pregnant with The Boy. So if you start from the beginning (as I hope The Boy will one day), you’ll read about what my life was like while I was carrying him, how sleep-deprived I was during those early days of motherhood, what was happening in the world and how it affected us. And mixed in with all of that are stories about me, retellings of stories passed down from my mom, and whatever else happened to pop into my brain.

I want The Boy to have all of the stories – in my voice – that I wish I had from my mom, and I don’t want to wait until I’m told I have a limited amount of time before I start.


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