Who’s Who?

The cast of characters in my crazy world:

Eileen: That would be me, the voice of the blog, never nominated for Mother of the Year but always in the running for She Who Has the Most Random Thoughts.

My immediate family:

The Boy: Also known as “Baby C” (as he is referenced in older posts from my pregnancy and his infancy). And, yes, most of this blog is about stuff he does, mainly so I can blackmail him with it later.

Cute Husband: Also referred to as “Daddy”. He has Jane Wiedlin (of the Go-Go’s, so, yes, that Jane Wiedlin) to thank for the name, since she autographed one of my CD covers, addressing it “To Eileen with the cute husband”. He’s also the blog’s namesake, though he isn’t the Caines I’m responsible for raising. 😉

Big Sis E: My one and only sibling, older than I am by about 3 and a half years. And that “E” doesn’t just stand for “extraordinaire”. My mother was ahead of the times; she gave my sister and me the same initials. That was back in the ’70s; now it’s a big trend. Anyway, she’s just an all-around awesome big sister (She has to be to have put up with me!) and The Boy’s godmother. And she’s the kick-ass mom of my two nieces.

The extended family:

Miss J: Big Sis E’s older child and therefore my older niece. She’s pretty amazing; smarter than I’ve ever been (as a kid or otherwise) and I love her to pieces. She has a great heart and an old soul. She reminds me a lot of my sister in many ways.

Miss M: Big Sis E’s younger child and (you guessed it) my younger niece. She’s also my goddaughter, and she reminds me a lot of myself as a very young girl: confident, completely self-assured, and capable of anything she sets her little heart on. And she is Quinn to Miss J’s Daria.

Aunt A: Cute Husband’s younger sister. Like the rest of Cute Husband’s family, she and her husband live far from us, so we don’t get to see her often.

My circle of friends:

Jen: She’s my local bestie and my only Filipino friend not from my home state. We became fast friends while we worked together over the holidays many moons ago.

BK: Also known as “Aunt BK” by The Boy. Cute Husband worked with her years and years ago, and they still work in the same building. She was the first non-hospital person besides Cute Husband and me to hold The Boy, and I think they have a pretty solid bond.

Doug: BK’s husband and one of Cute Husband’s coworkers and close friends. He’s also one of The Boy’s favorite people.


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