Craft Time with Mrs. Caines – September 2012

So way back in September, I stumbled across some cute crafty things while researching ideas for the craft I planned for December. (Yes, I’m a planner. Leave me alone.) And I found this:

Food Wreath from DLTK

Cute, right? And since the themes for September included Nutrition, I thought it would be a really cute craft to do with the kids!

(I also found a Very Hungry Caterpillar printout that could be colored, laminated, and used as a placemat, but I just printed those out and gave them to the teachers to do in class.)

Anyway, I thought DLTK’s images were a bit too simple and wanted to provide a lot more variety for the kids to color. So after scouring multiple sites looking for black and white clip-art, I came up with my own coloring pages.

I let the kids work on the project in stages, but in hindsight, I probably could have had them all coloring pages at the same time. Once they colored in the pictures, I used my nifty circle punch to quickly cut out the circles and let the kids glue the pictures to paper plates (I had already cut out the centers).

It was a bit harried because I had to rush to get it done, but I think they turned out pretty cute and led to a lot of discussion about the kinds of food they like to eat. And a lot of the kids asked to take pages home with them.

Some of the finished products.

So September’s Food Wreath craft to coincide with the Nutrition lesson went well, I think. Up next: December’s Penguin Diorama craft to coincide with lessons about the Arctic.

Stay tuned.


Where does the time go?

Have I really neglected my poor blog for more than five months? I knew it had been a while since I last posted anything, but May? Really?

Okay, so what has happened since my last post?

  • I successfully finished Bay to Breakers 2012 with a time of 1:42:32. I spent an afternoon working (didn’t have to use a vacation day for that!), earned a medal, got to hang out with my girlfriends from my youth, and saw the Pacific all in one trip. Wins all around!
  • The Boy and I watched his Kindergarten friends graduate, and I got a glimpse of what was to come. I’m not ashamed to say that I teared up a bit out of pride. One nice thing about volunteering at school as often as I do is that I get to know The Boy’s classmates, and it was great to see them all moving up to first grade.
  • I skipped my 20-year high school reunion (though I planned it), mainly because work got a bit hectic and I had no desire to only fly across the country for what would amount to only 36 hours. Which leads to the next point…
  • We took a family vacation up to New York to see my sister! The Boy asked to see the Statue of Liberty (Cute Husband had never seen it, either), and we also visited the American Museum of Natural History and Strawberry Fields at Central Park. And as if that wasn’t enough…
  • We saw the Red Sox play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, sitting in ridiculously awesome seats (thanks to my brother-in-law). I hope The Boy realizes not all visits to Yankee Stadium will include seats right by the visiting team’s dugout.
  • The Boy started Kindergarten! And boy, is he thriving. He loves his Kindergarten breakout sessions.
  • The Boy learned, struggled with, and has now almost memorized “The Star Spangled Banner”. It only took him about a month to get the rhythm right, too. I posted an early video of him practicing on YouTube in the middle of September and sent it to his teacher. It quickly spread to the rest of the staff and was shown during circle time at school. Now he is working on Bach’s “Minuet in G” and is poised to start learning “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”.
  • We received The Boy’s first real report card (prior to this, they were all progress reports), and he earned Os (for “Outstanding”) in all the core subjects and PE. He received Ses (for “Satisfactory”) in Spanish, Computers, Music (HA!), and Art. And in all of the Social Development and Work Habits areas, he received Os except in Handwriting. But as his penmanship has improved dramatically over the past few months, no one is concerned. All in all, we’re incredibly proud.

So that’s the past few months in a (very abbreviated) nutshell. I have a few stories to tell about specific events (chaperoning a field trip to a children’s museum, Halloween events around Central Florida, etc.), but I can save that for later.

Just as long as I don’t wait another five months to post something.

Conversational Gems: Mulch

The Boy brings home mulch from the school playground every day. Sometimes, he puts it in his pockets, too, but for the most part, it mostly arrives in his shoes.

Last week, he was looking at the bottom of his shoes in the car and, upon seeing his shoes’ treads, declared that was how mulch entered his shoes. “They get into the lines on my shoe, and they go inside!” he told me.

As he was finishing his bath last night, I asked if he told Daddy how mulch got into his shoes, and he said that he hadn’t. When I suggested he share his discovery with Daddy, he called Cute Husband.

“Daddy! I know how mulch gets into my shoes!”

Cute Husband came into the bathroom and began towelling him off, and I could hear bits of the conversation as they went to The Boy’s room.

Cute Husband: You know how mulch gets in there? How?

The Boy: It comes in from the lines under my shoe!

Cute Husband: Really? Hm. You don’t think it gets in from the top of the shoe?

The Boy: No! It gets in from the lines and goes up into my shoe. That’s how come it goes inside!

Cute Husband told me that The Boy picked up one of his shoes to illustrate his point and showed him there was mulch in the tread. “See?” he said.

I give him points for creativity. And I especially love that he made an effort to prove his hypothesis.