Where has January gone?

It’s been busy in my world.

Okay, that’s true of everyone’s world, but I’m offering that as my excuse for not writing much this past month.

So, what has happened in the Caines homestead?

We’ve moved guitar practice to the mornings instead of the evenings. The reason is twofold: One, taking privileges seems more effective when he loses out for the entire day, and two, it frees up time in the evenings for The Boy to unwind with Cute Husband. And as The Boy is generally more agreeable in the mornings and practices while I’m making his lunch, it seems to work out fairly well for us.

My sister bought Skylanders Giants for The Boy (among other things) for Christmas, and it is one of his favorite things to play now. My living room has been taken over by Legos, too, though, so it’s not like it’s all about video games. It should be noted, though, that The Boy raced to write his thank you note for everything she sent because he was so excited to play it.

And I’ve been writing more, which is the real reason I haven’t been blogging. I have pictures to put up from my January craft with The Boy’s class, after all. But my NaNoWriMo novel has kind of taken on a life of its own, and it’s occupying a lot of my time. I’m hopeful that something will come of it, and an agent will read my book and declare that s/he absolutely loves it and wants to represent me. But in the meantime, I’m still busy researching agents and the industry, and it’s a whole lot to learn.


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