What has become of the GOP?

The Republican Party is on its way to becoming a laughingstock.

Ann Coulter was on Fox News talking to Shawn Hannity saying that the Republican Senators should agree to raise taxes on the country’s top .01% earners, and Hannity freaked out. For once, Coulter said something that made sense to me, and Shawn Hannity still argued with her because, possibly from his perspective, she was turning her back on all the Republican morals and “capitulating to Obama”.

And she reminded him that the Republicans lost the election. Clearly, the American people have less faith in many of the Republican leaders who ran for office last month.

Cute Husband was particularly tickled by Senator Reid (of his home state of Kentucky) ultimately filibustering himself because he proposed allowing the President to raise the debt ceiling at will, without Congressional approval. When the Senate Majority leader Senator McConnell suggested putting that proposal up for a vote, Reid ended up filibustering his own proposal.

And yet we’re to believe the Republican argument that the filibuster is not abused in Congress?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself agreeing with some of the more liberal Republicans out there. Hell – I would have voted for John McCain if he didn’t pick (in my opinion) an overzealous loon as his running mate. But they are liberal Republicans: more socially accepting than their hyper conservative brethren but still fiscally conservative.

But what’s happening to the party right now as they jockey in their attempts to reposition themselves to the American public is, for lack of a better word, a train wreck. The hyper conservative voices need to reconsider their words before they speak.

Ann Coulter said it best: “[The Republicans] lost the election.” The American people have spoken, and the GOP’s best chance at regaining any Senate seats and/or retaining their places in the House would be to listen.


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