Pushing on to 50K

Yes, I know I’ve already won NaNoWriMo 2012, but I have some writing buddies who still have note, and this post is written with them in mind. (I don’t even know if any of them will read it, which is probably the odder thing.)

Before The Boy was born, I used to meet with a personal trainer, Kennedy, three times a week. She was fabulous. She pushed me hard, she didn’t take “no” for an answer, and she was tough. And yet I adored her. I would go to the gym every day, even when I didn’t have a session with her, partially so that she could see that I was there. But then she moved back to Oregon, but I learned my lesson from her. She taught me how to push myself to that next level, because she believed that I could do it.

I have a few NaNoWriMo buddies that I follow and, for lack of a better word, nag. I’ve met most of them in my weekly write-in sessions, though there are some I just discovered on Twitter, but for the most part they know I mean well when I send them messages asking why they haven’t updated their word counts.

Last Sunday, at my write-in, I gave a bunch of people a hard time for being behind in their word counts. But to be fair, I also bought coffee for someone who reached 50K while she was there and promised coffee to two others. And I managed to inspire (?) two others to keep writing.

I don’t know why they find me so inspiring. I don’t think I’m particularly easy-going about the goals I set for them. (I told one guy that he couldn’t have a cookie until he’d written 2,000 words.) But the thing is, I know my NaNo buddies are all capable. I’ve seen their stats: some of them have eked out upwards of 5,000 words a day! So if I can finished 50,000 words, I know they can, too.

And maybe that’s why they are willing to put up with my nagging. Maybe it’s because they know I’m asking them to update their word counts and just write another 50 words because I believe in them.

Are all my NaNo Buddies going to make it to 50K in the next two days? Probably not. But I think most of them will get to the 50K mark at some point. They’ve told me that they appreciate my nagging and that they’re writing because they know I’m watching. But they’ve made me a better writer, too, if for no other reason than the fact that I’m not going to push anyone to work any harder than I’m working myself.

There are still two more days before the end of the month. Some of my NaNo buddies are positioned to make it to 50K; I’m happy to say, though, that none of the buddies who let me nag them are below 30,000 words.

So maybe my nagging is a good thing, after all.


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