Craft Time with Mrs. Caines – September 2012

So way back in September, I stumbled across some cute crafty things while researching ideas for the craft I planned for December. (Yes, I’m a planner. Leave me alone.) And I found this:

Food Wreath from DLTK

Cute, right? And since the themes for September included Nutrition, I thought it would be a really cute craft to do with the kids!

(I also found a Very Hungry Caterpillar printout that could be colored, laminated, and used as a placemat, but I just printed those out and gave them to the teachers to do in class.)

Anyway, I thought DLTK’s images were a bit too simple and wanted to provide a lot more variety for the kids to color. So after scouring multiple sites looking for black and white clip-art, I came up with my own coloring pages.

I let the kids work on the project in stages, but in hindsight, I probably could have had them all coloring pages at the same time. Once they colored in the pictures, I used my nifty circle punch to quickly cut out the circles and let the kids glue the pictures to paper plates (I had already cut out the centers).

It was a bit harried because I had to rush to get it done, but I think they turned out pretty cute and led to a lot of discussion about the kinds of food they like to eat. And a lot of the kids asked to take pages home with them.

Some of the finished products.

So September’s Food Wreath craft to coincide with the Nutrition lesson went well, I think. Up next: December’s Penguin Diorama craft to coincide with lessons about the Arctic.

Stay tuned.


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