And the forecast for my run is…

There were some terrible thunderstorms in Central Florida yesterday. We had nickel-sized hail at our house in the afternoon when Cute Husband came home from work. By the time I picked up The Boy, the rain had largely subsided, but it made me nervous about this morning’s race (as though I wasn’t nervous enough!).

I called Theresa yesterday and we agreed not to run if there was thunder. Big Sis E agreed that was a solid plan, but she also assured me that running in the rain was quite exhilarating.

I’m still dubious.

At any rate, today’s forecast calls for more thunderstorms, but at least that’s not until 10 (and there’s only a 70% chance of that). During the race, there will only be about a 40-50% chance of rain.


So, really, it’s not enough that this is my first 12K; it may very well be my first run in the rain.

Wish me luck!


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