Stupid calves

Yes, I know it’s not my calves’ fault. I’m the big dummy here. I thought I thoroughly stretched this morning, though (clearly not!), but perhaps obviously I did not stretch my calves as thoroughly as I ought. At any rate, that means I ran about three-quarters of a mile before I caved and admitted I needed to stop before I really hurt myself.

This also explains why I’m lying on the floor of my dining room with both legs propped up so that I can simultaneously apply ice packs to both calves. (And incidentally, one of my most brilliant moves of the past 6 months was to ask my coworkers if I could have the ice packs that came with their Godiva holiday sets. I frequently put them to use, and not just for my running-related injuries.)

The Earth Day 12K is in two days. I simply cannot afford to be injured.

I figure the worst thing that will happen is I’ll walk more than I would like (and subsequently finish later than I would like). But I know better than to beat myself up over it because I know I need to take care of my body.

In the meantime, though, I think these ice packs are my new favorite running tool.


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