Ok, I ran

I knew that if I publicly (to all of the 12 people reading my ramblings – thanks, by the way!) announced my intention to go for a run this morning that I would actually do it. In fact, I had nightmares that I didn’t and had to subsequently issue an apology for my false bravado.

But no worries. I ran this morning. I’m hot, I’m stinky, and I’m tired, but i otherwise feel great. No aches or stiffness anywhere.

I only ran 2 miles today, though. I ran up the hill that 3rd time at full clip and didn’t exactly save anything for afterwards. I was testing out my new Garmin 405CX (my C25K graduation gift to myself) with intervals, and the interval I programmed was alternating a 1 mile run with a 30 second walk. I think when I run tomorrow morning (oh, yes, I need to keep training!), I should try a 15-minute run with a 1-minute walk. It will come out to a bit more than a mile run (since I’m still averaging about an 11:24 mile, according to my handy new contraption), but I got used to the timed intervals doing C25K, and a part of the reason I pushed myself so hard going up that hill was that I just wanted it over. At least if I do the timed intervals, charging up the hill won’t get me to my walking break any sooner than crawling up it. (It will just improve my average time.)

So I’m still able to run, but now I just need to remember how to run sensibly. I’m really hoping to finish the Earth Day 12K in 90 minutes (though 80 would make me happier), which I think is quite reasonable given my average speed. But we shall see.

In the meantime, I need to hydrate and shower and eat. I’ve got a parent-teacher conference this morning, and I already know it’s going to be a crazy day at the office.


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