Our trip to the Nemours Children’s Clinic

The Boy and I went downtown today to meet with Samantha Garrett, the Senior Child Life Specialist at Nemours Children’s Hospital and my contact for donations. She graciously met us outside the building (I called ahead to let her know we were on our way) and took all the art supplies I had crammed into my car.

As he typically is with strangers, The Boy was initially bashful, but he quickly warmed up. He helped move things from my car to the cart that Samantha brought to take things up to the clinic. Since the Orlando hospital isn’t open yet, the coloring books and other art supplies will be used by kids at the clinic. The scrapbook paper I brought (from my own craft closet because, yes, I have that much) will be used once the hospital opens. In the meantime, Samantha told me there would be children’s workshops and events over the summer, so some of the supplies would be used then, as well.

All in all, we received our donation receipt with an estimated value of $300! (She said the scrapbook paper was of most value.) When I asked if he felt good about bringing everything to the clinic, The Boy said he was happy some kids would have something to do in the hospital. As for me, I’m elated to have purged my craft closet of a lot of stuff, especially since I know it will all be put to good use.



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