My latest revelation

For somewhat with a fair amount of intelligence, I’m admittedly quite clueless about a number of things. In sure I’ve been told stuff at some point in my life, but I guess it doesn’t really sink in until I can directly apply it to some aspect of my life.

After today’s run (if you can call a mile and a quarter a “run”), I realized that I was way too tired to run. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I don’t feel rested as a result.

Not rested = No energy = Not enough energy to run

Brilliant, no? And it occurred to me as I walked back into the house from my wimpy 15-minute run. I should alert the American Medical Association, or at least the local news. This is groundbreaking stuff here.

It makes sense, right? If I barely have the energy to fold laundry or load the dishwasher or clean the kitchen sink or even make the bed, how fair is it to expect myself to run for 30 minutes?

Now, I’m not saying I can be excused for today’s poor excuse of a run. I can do better. And with the Earth Day 12K just 13 days away, I need to do better. But my body is also saying something that my brain can’t refute: I first need to rest.


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