The impromptu Easter Egg Hunt

After this morning’s trip to Guitar Center (followed by a run to Costco), I decided I was in dire need of a nap. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t caught up from earlier this week, or maybe it’s because spending money is exhausting. Whatever the reason, I wanted nothing more than to lie down and nap.

But just as I changed into a pair of sweatpants, I saw that BK had texted me, inviting us to their house for an Easter Egg Hunt.

Cute Husband was in the middle of a few projects and didn’t want to go, but The Boy did. So I changed back into my jeans, and, after he went potty, The Boy and I were off.

BK warned me that she hadn’t yet hidden the eggs, so when I arrived, she and I quickly took her collection of filled plastic eggs outside to randomly place them. Some we just tossed into the grass for the boys to just find as they ran around the yard; others we actually hid in foliage or placed in less obvious areas.

The Egg Hunt was a success in that both boys had a lot of fun. K was more interested in opening the eggs immediately instead of searching for as many as he could. The Boy, on the other hand, just had an Easter Egg Hunt at school yesterday and fancies himself a bit of a pro. He was very sweet and kept showing K where eggs were hidden, and on many occasions, he even put eggs in K’s Easter basket for him.

Once the Egg Hunt had lost its appeal (and all the eggs were found), the boys took turns on K’s toy John Deere tractor, and Doug entertained them with bubbles. And BK and I had a chance to catch up a bit while everyone played, so it was a great afternoon for us all.

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I still wish I got that nap, but I think I’ll just go to bed early tonight, instead. Maybe I’ll even be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow morning!


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