Great customer service is not dead

There are lots of music stores out there. There are lots of places I could have gone to buy The Boy his guitar. But I had such an awesome experience at Guitar Center in Hunter’s Creek last week that Cute Husband and I took The Boy back there this morning to get his guitar.

Last week, the associate helping us with guitars was Ray, and, thankfully, he happened to be working there this morning. He remembered us, even remembering The Boy’s name (huge bonus!), and hooked us up. Ray grabbed the black ¾-scale Laguna that The Boy played with last week, hooked it up to an amp, and let him play. Meanwhile, he collected all the other stuff we would need: a carrying case, an amp, a cable, and a little tuner – everything The Boy will need for his first guitar lesson next week. And if that wasn’t enough, he even gave The Boy a set of guitar picks as a birthday present. Really? How freakin’ awesome is that?

Honest to God, I can’t say enough great things about the level of customer service at Guitar Center. I just finished writing a rather lengthy comment on the Guitar Center feedback site, just to gush about the amazing experience we had this morning. I don’t think enough people call out the positive things, and Ray was just beyond awesome.

So yeah, if you happen to be in the Central Florida area and are in the market for a new guitar or anything guitar-related, go to Guitar Center on Orange Blossom Trail. You won’t be disappointed.


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