Not my best run…

But I still ran this morning.

Sort of.

I did not want to run this morning. My alarm went off at 3:30, and I dutifully turned it off before willing forcing my eyes to stay open. (Once I got out of bed, of course, I was fine, but those first few moments are critical.)

I got dressed, drank water, ate my pre-run snacks, stretched, then headed out. And I started out fine, I think. I caught myself going a little fast at first but checked it by controlling my breathing.

Anyway, long story short (too late!), somewhere along the 12-minute mark (even after running up that blasted hill twice without complaining), I started feeling lightheaded. That’s never a good sign. So I walked for about 3 minutes (enough time to bring my heart rate back to normal) and jogged the remaining half mile home. I still traveled a little more than 2 miles this morning, but I did wimp out.

Now that I’m home, I still feel a bit lightheaded, but at least I’m home and not wandering the neighborhood. And I can eat a banana or something to boost my blood sugar levels, since that’s all I think it is.

(Note to self: Be sure to eat a good dinner the night before you decide to get up and run.)

On another note, my knee feels fine and my foot feels okay – not perfect, but okay. I am still taking it easy on my rest days, but I think I’ll ice my calves for a bit when I get out of the shower.


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