I finished!!!

I did it! I really did it! I finished my last run for C25K!

It wasn’t my best run ever. It wasn’t my best time. It wasn’t my best distance or my best duration. But coming off of almost 3 weeks on the DL, I’m just elated I finished it.

There were many times I didn’t think I would make it. There were a few times I doubted I could make it. I was apprehensive as soon as I opened the garage door and saw the fog that accompanied this morning’s 69-degree temperature. But I reminded myself that I’ve done this before – many times, in fact – and pushed on.

During my warm-up walk, it was easy. My body was happy to be doing something so familiar. Then I started running, and my right knee felt funny. I paid attention to it, promising that if it worsened, that I would stop and try again another day. Sure enough, it subsided, then went away completely, but not before I thought for sure I was going to die running up the hill incline on one end of my neighborhood.

But I didn’t die. I made it over the hill and checked my breathing. That’s when I realized that I was so focused on my knee (which had miraculously stopped hurting the minute I reached the top of that incline) that I wasn’t paying attention to my breathing. Once I got that in check, the run went smoother, at least until I got to that dumb incline again.

Honestly, if I’m going to run Bay to Breakers in a few weeks, I have to master this hill-running thing.

There were more than a few instances when I wanted to stop this morning. I was tired and winded and wanted to stop. But I didn’t, only because I knew how mad I would be at myself if I did. I mean, I was wide awake at 1:30 this morning in almost giddy anticipation of this run. I would have been so angry with myself if I just gave up.

So now I’m officially a C25K graduate! And now I can really start preparing myself for the Earth Day 12K, which, incidentally, is in just 19 days.

But first, I really need a shower.


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