Art on the iPhone: Draw Something!

The Boy has several boxes on my iPhone (and on Cute Husband’s iPhone and iPad) that are dedicated to his games. Those include apps like Toy Story Mania, Super Why, and Ninjago.

But there are a couple of games on my phone (and on Cute Husband’s, as well) that aren’t in The Boy’s boxes. And, of course, these are games he wants to play. On my phone, he loves to try his hand at Boggle, and he gets annoyed that I won’t let him play Words With Friends.

But the latest game he wants to play for us is Draw Something.

If you aren’t familiar with this game, it’s a very cute app (available for Android devices, too) that enables you to play something akin to Pictionary with an opponent. You’re given the choice of three words, each worth one, two, or three coins (which can be used to purchase more color palettes), and then, well, you have to draw it as best you can. Your opponent then has to guess the word.

When it’s your turn to guess, you’ll be given the number of letters in the word as a clue and a bunch of letter tiles that contain the letters needed to spell the word.

Some are easier than others to draw. Some require you to know how your opponent thinks in order to guess the words. And if you can’t guess a word, you can always pass. Nothing bad happens; it just means neither you nor your opponent gets any coins for that turn.

Cute Husband lets The Boy have a few turns at drawing, and I’ve let him draw when it’s my turn against Cute Husband. The Boy loves it, and we get to see him learn to draw in a digital medium. And we do our best to remember to take screen shots of his work. (It doesn’t always happen.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If only there was a giant virtual refrigerator to post all his (and my) creations!


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