Today’s shopping and culinary adventure

I told Cute Husband last night that I wanted to go to the Farmers Market in Celebration today. It’s been years since I last went; The Boy was still in a Baby Bjorn the last time. And even though they don’t typically have the huge array of vegetables like some of the other Central Florida farmers markets do, I knew that I at least wanted to get some local honey, and Winter Park Honey makes some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

This morning's field trip destination

The Boy elected not to accompany me, which was okay with me. Yes, it would have been a great lesson for him and it would get him out of the house for a few hours, but sometimes it’s easier to just fly solo when going to the farmers market.

My trip did not disappoint me. I spotted another edible plant to add to my backyard (and lucky for me, I still have one more container!) almost right away. The vendor seemed disappointed when I promised I would stop on my way out, but I think it’s because he hears that so often.

Assorted leafy baby lettuce greens. How could I possibly pass this up?

I walked the length of the (small) farmers market before making any purchases. (My mother would have been proud.) I passed a number of booths selling handmade wares, from glass coasters to cloth books to natural remedies that promised to cure any number of ailments. I also stopped at a few booths that looked promising, including one selling homemade preserves, but didn’t buy anything until I got my honey. (I purchased two varieties: raspberry and blackberry twist. The latter tastes like marshmallows. Delicious!) Then I stopped for dried fruit and nuts and fresh produce before returning to that first booth to purchase my plant.

Some of the fresh produce available today (that I didn't buy).

Since I didn’t find any kale or avocados at the farmers market, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Once home, I treated myself to an avocado kale salad. I’d never had a kale salad before Wednesday, and then it was on a program Cute Husband watched last night. I figured that was a sign that I should try my hand at making my own kale salad.

Ultimately, I tossed chopped kale with half an avocado, some lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. I then added some chopped pistachios that I found at the farmers market.

Lunch! Delicious, nutritious, and fresh!

Kale is definitely an acquired taste, and I think I need to figure put the ideal “resting time” for it, since the lemon juice and salt work to soften the kale a bit. But overall, I think I did a good job. Cute Husband liked it, though he said he didn’t think he could eat a whole lot of it in one sitting.

Not a bad Sunday morning adventure!


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