Still on the DL

I’m so sad.

I woke up this morning, completely on my own, at the time I would normally go out for a run. But as I moved my left foot to test it, I still felt some discomfort when I pointed it (which I don’t get when I make the same movement on my right foot), so that meant another day on the sidelines for me.

So I got up and started working on our taxes, instead. I’m running a bit behind with them this year, anyway.

What really stinks about not being able to run is that the weather right now is so perfect! The little box on my desktop says it’s 69°F outside and clear skies. That means it’s perfect shorts and T-shirt running weather; no need for a hoodie. As I drove into the complex the other night and surveyed the empty street, I realized I really miss my early morning runs.

But I also know that I need to take care of myself and not push myself to run before the muscles in my leg are healed. I pulled a hamstring last year, and that was not fun at all. Plus, I’ve got the Earth Day 12K coming up in four weeks, and I have to be able to run that.

So I’m still on the disabled list and a bit sad about it. (I’m also shocked that I’m disappointed I can’t go running because that’s not at all like me. Well, the old me, anyway, but that’s an entirely different post.) I’m getting better, though; I can feel it. Now it’s just a big waiting game.

And as Tom Petty once sang, “The waiting is the hardest part.”


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