Some temporary houseguests

Last night, after we got home from our impromptu Blue Man Group family outing, Cute Husband presented me with a little yellow box that arrived with the day’s mail.

Finally! Baby butterflies have arrived!

Last year, we bought a butterfly garden kit but never actually ordered the caterpillars that would become butterflies. I kept the card, though, and this month, The Boy has been studying butterflies in school. Since it’s now spring and we plan on seeding his own wildflower garden this weekend, I figured I ought to order these little guys and let The Boy enjoy watching the metamorphosis in his own home.

Opening the box to take out our new (temporary) house guests.

Butterfly larvae (another word for caterpillars, as The Boy has informed us) from this same company are also in his classroom. The kids check on the larvae every day, and The Boy told me this morning that there are chrysalises in his classroom now! (And for those playing along at home, a butterfly comes from a chrysalis; a moth comes from a cocoon.) These larvae are specifically his, though, so he is quite proud of them.

He's used to looking at these, of course, but my skin still crawls when I look at the larvae.

So proud that he has placed the little cup with the larvae in his room beside his bed. That way, he can look at them before he goes to bed and see them first thing every morning.


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