Blue Man Group: An unexpected treat

This afternoon, as I was working on a weekly report, the CEO’s Executive Assistant passed my desk.

“Do you want Blue Man Group tickets?” she asked. “They’re for tonight and you have to be there by 5:45.”

I froze like a deer in the middle of a suddenly brightened street and blinked a few times before I replied, “Um, let me call my husband and see if he wants to go.”

Cute Husband answered on the first ring, and I asked if he wanted to see Blue Man Group tonight.

“With C?” he asked.

“Um, sure.” I thought he might want to go alone or ask someone from work to join him, and the show would end after The Boy’s regular bedtime but, yeah, I guess he could bring The Boy.

Cute Husband answered in the affirmative, and I ultimately received three tickets.

“Make sure you use them, though, or they won’t give us tickets anymore.”

About two hours later, Cute Husband and The Boy were in the lobby at work. Cute Husband hadn’t told The Boy what we were doing, so I let The Boy read the tickets and watched his eyes light up with excitement. I gave them some black beans and rice and an kale salad with apples that I bought at lunch from a local food truck to eat while I finished my work for the day. After checking with my VP to make sure she didn’t need anything from me for her early morning meeting, the three of us left for Universal Studios.

Here’s the thing I don’t like about Universal Studios: you have to pay for parking. Sure, if you’re a Florida resident and it’s after 6pm, you only pay $5, and after 10 o’clock, it’s free. But if it’s before 6 (as it was when we arrived), it’s $15. Tickets for Blue Man Group are expensive as it is, but I guess if you’re already paying $170 for your family of three to go to a show, what’s another $15? (This is another reason I prefer the Disney Marketplace.)

But I got these tickets for free, so I really had no right to complain.

Cute Husband and The Boy waiting for the show to begin.

Once we got to the Sharp Aquos Theater and got settled in our seats, The Boy fidgeted with nervous excitement. The lights dimmed, and he joined the crowd in applause.

I kept glancing over at him throughout the show to see how he was reacting to the show. I could hear his squeals of delight and infectious laughter, but more often than not, those large, luminous eyes were fixed on the stage, taking it all in.

I managed to sneak a few pictures of The Boy, very careful to turn off the flash on my iPhone, but one lucky shot summed up the entire night.

The photo that captured The Boy's reaction to the entire show.

As the show ended, he was euphoric.

“Mom,” he gushed as we left the theater, “the funniest part was when all the balloons dropped and then toilet paper went everywhere.” Later in the car (before falling asleep), he announced, “I also liked when they played on the phones.”

This was definitely a special mid-week treat for all of us, but especially for The Boy. Here’s hoping I’m not regretting this tomorrow when he’s so tired after his late night!


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