Birthday party bowling

I hate bowling.

Wait; I don’t think I was emphatic enough just then. Let me retry this.

hate bowling. I mean, I truly despise it. I think it’s because I’m a fairly competitive person, and I had such a negative experience with bowling as a kid that I cannot find joy in it as an adult.

When I was in elementary school, my Girl Scout troop had an event at a local bowling alley. My father enjoyed bowling, and I think he may have even been playing in a league at the time. At any rate, I was terrible at bowling, but rather than letting me mess around and just have fun, he got upset and pointed out all the things I was doing wrong.

And ever since then, I have hated bowling.

But just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that I’ll spoil The Boy’s fun. He was invited to a birthday party being held at a bowling alley, and I let him take advantage of the free bowling (and shoe rental!) and toss the ball down the lanes. He likes bowling on the Wii, but this would be a whole new experience.

When we arrived, I saw that the bumpers were up (so he wouldn’t have to experience the humiliation of throwing one gutter ball after another) and kids were bowling without regard to rules or scores. After greeting the birthday girl and her parents, we went to the counter to get his shoes (which he put on quite eagerly) before parking ourselves at one of the lanes.

The Boy was a trooper and tried bowling without the ramp. He was a little dismayed that he couldn’t bowl with a single hand, but I assured him that once he got older and stronger, he wouldn’t need two hands to hold or throw the ball.

The two-handed bowling stance

Of course, he wasn’t able to throw the ball with a whole lot of force, so it rolled down the lane at a painfully slow rate.

The Boy discovered that you need to throw the ball with sufficient force to get it all the way down to the pins.

Ultimately, he discovered that the ramp was much easier (and far more fun) to use.

He's discovered his preferred technique.

The party ended at 2:30pm, but many of the guests started leaving around 2, so The Boy had the lanes to himself for a while and was thoroughly enjoying it. The bowling alley shut down everything right at 2:30, though, and he was disappointed that the fun ended so soon. In fact, when I asked him tonight if he had a good day or a great day, he told me he had a good day, and that he would have had a great day if he was able to bowl some more.

Looks like Cute Husband is going to have to take him bowling now.


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