GAH! (or, The run that wasn’t)

I’m so annoyed.

I went for a run at lunch today. I made a deal with myself: if I woke up on my own to go running, then I would (obviously) go. If not, I would bring my stuff to work to run in the event others were going out for a run. And since Theresa was going (well, really, she was just on the fence about it until she saw I brought my gym bag), I ran.

This was the plan: I would go downstairs to the gym a few minutes before her, change my clothes, stretch, and begin my warm up walk; she would catch up. Once I started going, it felt great. I could feel myself moving a bit faster than usual and willed myself to slow down, but I’m not sure that I did. At any rate, I was going along, feeling great and quite proud of myself, until it happened.

My left ankle, the same one that plagued me on Sunday, began to hurt. I had to call off my run, only 15 minutes into it. It was aggravating and somewhat embarrassing.

Ugh. I am this close to being done with C25K, and I can’t finish the last run!

So I’m hanging up my running shoes until Friday. That gives me two full days of rest, and I have every intention of keeping my feet up and my shins ( and calves) iced.

I’ve only got about 5 weeks to get myself ready for my 12K. This injury nonsense is just plain annoying!!!


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