Just 40 minutes away!

I cannot believe I’m almost done with C25K! I am just one session away from finishing! Just 40 more minutes (after I rest tomorrow) and I am done!

This is a really big deal for me. I ran 3 miles again today in 35 minutes, and I even felt like I could have kept going a (very tiny) bit longer.

I was smart today. I saw last night that the expected temperature at 4AM was in the mid-60s, so I planned on wearing shorts and a T-shirt with a hoodie. Once I got outside this morning, I found I didn’t need the hoodie at all, so I left it in the garage, hanging on the side-view mirror of my car. It was a good move, as I didn’t need to shed any layers.

I mean, it’s not like this is a marathon. Or even half of one. Where you start out running in the freezing cold.

I also took a new pair of earbuds on this morning’s run, and though I really like them for listening to music, I’m not sure if I want to wear them while I go running. See, the earbuds that came with my phone are kind of broken. (I may have accidentally washed them. A few times.) Only the left side works, so the right side is really just there for decoration. And though it’s not like I go running in uber-crowded areas, I still like having one ear free to listen to my surroundings. I won’t declare my new earbuds unsuitable for running just yet, though. I think it may just take me a bit to get used to them.

One more training. Only 40 more minutes. Just 3 more miles (-ish) and I’m done!

And then I get to reward myself with a treat. (A running-related treat, so that rules out the new iPad.)


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