Growing up too fast

The Boy is growing up too fast. As he approaches his fifth birthday, he is quickly shedding elements of his toddlerhood that I held so dear. He still lapses into baby talk from time to time and is still prone to throwing tantrums, but he’s beginning to act less like a pre-schooler and more like, well, a Big Kid!

This past week, I’ve been asked to put away two Yo Gabba Gabba! toys that used to hold places of high importance in his toy collection: Dancey Dance Brobee and his Muno guitar. I have videos of him dancing with his battery-operated Brobee; he used to love playing with it! And the Muno guitar was a present from Grandpa. He used to cycle through the songs and dance (or jump or run around) to each one. It also used to be his instrument of choice whenever he’d pretend to be in a rock band.

And now both of those toys have had their batteries removed and are now waiting to be packed in a box for storage in the garage.

But perhaps the saddest thing for me is that he has now told me that he doesn’t want me to kiss him anymore because (and I quote) “kisses from girls are yucky!” He will still cuddle with me a little, though not nearly as much as before, and he still tells me about his day and about what happens at school, and he does still allow kisses at bedtime.

[sigh] It just makes me a little sad because I’m just not ready for my (not-so-) little (no-longer-a-) baby to be so grown up that he doesn’t want a whole bunch of cuddles and kisses from me.

But as Blink 182 once put it, “I guess this is growing up.”


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