Juggling my hobbies

I was texting back and forth with a good friend last night and came to the realization that my hobbies aren’t multi-task-able.

Take running, for example. This is a new hobby, not one that I’m willing to quit any time soon, but a hobby nonetheless. And it’s time consuming. I mean, I have to prepare, actually run, cool down, and shower (trust me; I need that shower), and the next thing you know, two hours have passed.

Reading is another one. Sure, I could just download audio books, but I like reading words in print, whether pixels or ink. There’s a certain joy I find in reading; I love how my heart races as my eyes skim over the words on a page (or screen) during intense parts, and I like being able to reread passages I find particularly insightful. There’s a certain intimacy I have with the written word. But it’s an all-absorbing hobby. I can’t very well read and fold laundry at the same time – and believe me, I’ve tried!

And then there’s writing. I love to write. I love when I get a creative nugget in my head and I put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and let myself go. I love when characters spring from my brain like many Athenas (Athenae?) and develop quirky characteristics of their own. And again, this isn’t exactly multi-task-able.

Those are just three things I love to do that I can’t do while I’m doing something else. I also like to crochet, knit (with my knitting loom), garden, and take photos. All are pretty absorbing activities, though I do like taking my camera into the garden to photograph things.

Oh, if only there were more hours in the day.


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