The Boy’s social calendar

If you’d like to schedule a playdate or invite The Boy to a party, please note that his calendar is quickly filling up.

Last week, The Boy received an invitation to a birthday party (a first grader’s birthday party, no less) that was this afternoon. In his Friday backpack, he received another invitation, this time for the birthday party of a girl in a different class. (“She’s in Mrs. B’s class,” he informed us, adding proudly, “I’m the only one in my class who knows her.”)

Goodness, it’s tough being the parent of a popular kid.

Today’s party was a lot of fun. The celebrant’s younger brother is in The Boy’s class, and he already knew some of the other kids from After Care. Plus, he plays soccer with the celebrant on Fridays, so they’re buddies. As for me, I chatted with some of the other parents a bit and enjoyed watching the kids play in the bounce house.

The Boy’s own birthday is just about 6 weeks away, so Cute Husband and I need to start planning it. Right now Cute Husband and I are thinking of having it at a private park, but we’re not sure what we’ll do if it rains.

Ugh. Decisions, decisions. These really are First World problems.


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