Bay to Breakers? God help me…

Well, I did it. I registered for the Earth Day 12K. And I even registered before Theresa did! (Mind you, she reminded me at dinner last night, but still.)

When I began this running thing, I set my sights on this as my next event, and I’m kind of psyched that I’m going to do it. Now, the race is seven weeks from tomorrow (yikes!), so I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to get myself ready to go 7.4 miles. But at least it’s a flat course.

The race I am currently contemplating (and recently got the go-ahead from Cute Husband to start looking at flights to make it happen) is not a flat course.

Big Sis E told me earlier this year that she and a close family friend would be running Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, a 12K race that will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with its 101st consecutive running! Now, according to, the course is “mostly flat with a steep hill – the famous Hayes St. Hill summit at the 2.5 mile mark; gradual downhill through beautiful Golden Gate Park”.

If you’ve been to San Francisco, you know that there are some steep grades there, but from what I remember, Golden Gate Park is really quite lovely.

Another close family friend signed up to run, too, and now I feel like this race is almost mandatory. After all, these close family friends were like sisters to Big Sis E and I when we were growing up, and it would be such a treat to do something like this together. Even if I don’t actually participate in the run, it would still be great to be with my other friends to cheer them on.

Bay to Breakers is a very popular race and I’ll need to decide fairly quickly if I’m going to run. Registration is a big pricey ($57 for basic registration; $72 if I want a shirt with it, not including fees) and getting there alone wouldn’t be cheap. But I’m still considering it. (Though I’ve decided that if I do run it, I will do so wearing clothes and not it my birthday suit.)

A month ago, I was anxious about a 25-minute training run that was still weeks away, and now I’m contemplating a race that I’d need to travel across the country to run. Unbelievable.


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