Done with the race but still working on C25K

Okay, technically I think I should be a C25K graduate already. After all, I ran the Disney Royal Family 5K on Saturday (and got a medal to prove it), and that’s the whole point of C25K anyway, right?

Well, even though I finished the 5K, I ran with my younger niece and ended up alternating 10 minutes of jogging running with 3 minutes of walking. I’m sure I could have gone for longer stretches running, but I (a) couldn’t leave behind my niece and (b) didn’t want to overexert myself. And since this wasn’t a timed race, it’s not like anyone would know. (But if you’re curious, the clock said 46:50 when I crossed the finish line. Big Sis E reminded me we really didn’t get to the start until the 2-minute mark, so that made me feel a little bit better, but I know I can do much better than that when I’m not doing as many walking intervals.)

I was supposed to run yesterday morning to continue C25K. I didn’t, though. My allergies started acting up on Saturday and I was a mess by Sunday night, even resorting to taking 2 Benadryl with my Sudafed to get my sinuses back in line. Plus this was such a busy weekend with Big Sis E and my nieces visiting, and I didn’t exactly get a whole lot of rest. So I took the day off.

But when I got home last night, Cute Husband informed me, “You’re taking your shower tomorrow morning after you go running.”

Hm. Well, if you insist.

So I went running early this morning. It was not my favorite weather, despite the early (4AM) hour. It was foggy and overcast with temperatures in the upper 60s, and I got so hot during my second lap that I took off my hoodie (while I was running), tied it around my waist, then tossed it onto my driveway when I passed my house for the final lap. I imagine I won’t be wearing hoodies much longer as it gets warmer, but I wasn’t quite prepared for it so soon after a very chilly weekend.

All in all, the run went well. I feel good, my muscles feel fine, and I didn’t even feel as winded as I have before. I think my body is getting used to this running thing.

Saturday was supposed to be my last day of Week 7, but it was race day, so I didn’t do my training for Day 3. Now, I suppose I could excuse myself and say, “Well, you ran a 5K on Saturday, so you can move on to Week 8,” but since I technically repeated Day 2 of Week 6, I didn’t want to skip Day 3. After all, Week 8 is about slightly longer runs, and, especially after taking an extra day to rest, I didn’t want to push myself too hard.

At any rate, the Family Fun Run that began this journey is now over, but I’m not through with running yet. I told Big Sis E that I will treat myself to a Garmin when I graduate from C25K, and I still have that Earth Day 12K to do with Theresa in April. And I really didn’t work as hard as I have these past 6 weeks to just stop now.


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