Two more days!

There are only two more days until the Tangled Royal Family 5K! (That’s what Disney is calling the Family Fun Run.) And since it’s a Fun Run (which doesn’t seem as much of an oxymoron anymore), we won’t be timed or anything.

So this race is really just about being able to finish it. That I know I can do.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the day off from work and going to the Disney’s Fit for a Princess Expo. (Yes, that’s what it’s really called. I can’t make this up. Apparently, they take this whole “Princess” thing very seriously at Disney.) I need to turn in my waiver form, get my goody bag (which will include my 5K T-shirt!), and wander the expo for a bit as I wait for Big Sis E and my nieces to arrive.

I wonder if I’ll be able to find us all matching tiaras.

I’m so excited, much more than I thought I would be. Sure, there’s still some trepidation, but I know I can do this, and I’m not as freaked out as I was at the start of this little journey.

Maybe it’s because I know I won’t be timed. As long as I finish, no one will ever know how far behind the other runners I finished.

I didn’t get up this morning to go running. (I know; shame on me.) Cute Husband woke up early to go to an early AM photo shoot, but when he woke up it was already 4:20, and I didn’t feel like jumping out of bed and rushing through my morning run routine. I figured the soonest I would be on the road running it would already be close to 5, and I really did want to sleep in a bit. (I stayed up until about 10:30 reading a cute little book.) Besides, I’d already made plans to go running with Theresa today (whether or not I ran this morning), so I figured I’d get my 25-minute run in at some point today anyway.

I’m a slacker, I know.

So I ran today. At lunch. And though the skies were threatening rain earlier this morning, it was a beautiful day to run. A little humid, perhaps, but beautiful.

And hot.

But I ran. And Theresa runs much faster than I do (she says it’s because she has longer legs than I do, and my pride will allow her to convince me of this), but I didn’t pay attention to her pace or the fact that she was an entire half-block away from me. I focused on my breathing and keeping my own pace. Ultimately, I ran 2-1/4 miles – nonstop – today! I ran my full 25 minutes, and that’s the distance I ran in that time.

Anyway, I’m ready for Saturday. I’m still nervous, but I’ll have Big Sis E there and my nieces, and at least I know I’m able to focus on what I’m doing and not feel like I have to keep up with others around me, so that’s a big bonus. And we’ll be running around Epcot, and I know that park better than any other theme park.

Oh, yeah. I got this.


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