So proud of me!

(Warning: I’m going to be patting myself on the back a bit in this post. If you’re not interested, feel free to skip it.)

I woke up to my alarm this morning. I rarely set it, preferring to rely on my internal clock to wake me in time to get up and run. But I didn’t have any options for a make-up run today, since I had a lunch meeting on my work calendar and I’m taking The Boy to the Mother-Son dance at school tonight. And since I stayed up a bit late last night to read Vamplayers (cute, fluffy book that was a nice contrast to the intense book I finished the night before), I had a feeling I would need some help waking up this morning.

I had some trouble (again) with the C25K app on my phone, but this time, I didn’t hear the cues to begin my walking interval. So I kept running, and I didn’t check my phone until I only had about 30 seconds left of the second 10-minute running interval! (I had a feeling I had already passed the first 10-minute mark, but I was listening to a good song, which then transitioned into another good song, and another…) So all told, I ran for 23 minutes straight.

That’s my new record, but not for long as Sunday’s run will be for 25 minutes.

I average about 13 minutes per mile. I know that’s not a huge accomplishment, but considering I’ve been doing this for all of 32 days, I’m pretty darned proud of me. One day, I may even get down to a 12-minute mile, but for now, I’m working on distance and not speed.

I figure speed will come eventually.

So the Family Fun Run is a week from tomorrow, and I am absolutely ready. I feel great after my runs now; a little winded, perhaps, and definitely sweaty, but I’m not gasping for breath. I did realize this morning, however, that a stick of chewing gum definitely helps me when I’m running. Not only does it keep my mouth (and throat) from feeling dry, it also helps me maintain a certain rhythm.

Hey – whatever works.

In the meantime, my next four running sessions are interval-less 25-minute runs. I expect to pick up a bit of speed by the third one, and the fourth one is the actual 5K. I’m a little nervous about running with Miss J since the my training has been a solo affair (not including the time I ran with Sean on an off day) and I don’t want to push her too hard. But at the same time, she’s in far better shape than I, so perhaps I’ll be the one trying to keep up with her. Either way, it will be fun.

Maybe “Fun Run” isn’t such an oxymoron, after all.


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