Ah, Valentine’s Day…

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. There’s really no point to the holiday, and I use the word very loosely. After The Boy asked me what the origins of the holiday were and I did some cursory research, I discovered there isn’t really a story behind it. There’s no legend; there’s not even a single Saint Valentine! (That is to say, there are multiple St. Valentines, and none of them are the patron saints of love.)

So how did Valentine’s Day come to be the day to celebrate love?

We have Chaucer to thank for that. Or, rather, Hallmark and the flower trade have Chaucer to thank for that.

But just because I’m not a fan of the holiday (again, using the term loosely), it doesn’t mean I should spoil The Boy’s fun. I found some cute things at Target to put into little goody bags (also from Target), and Grandma was kind enough to send him a little Spiderman Valentine’s Day mailbox that included some cards to give to his classmates, so I was spared the task of making tiny valentines.

The Boy hard at work signing valentines.

Even as a kid, I really didn’t like Valentine’s Day. Each year in elementary school, I remember needing to bring in a shoe box that would then be decorated with construction paper and cut-out hearts carefully pasted on it. There would be a little slit at the top just large enough for people to drop cards into it. And every year, we all got the same number of valentines: one from every person in the class.

The Boy wanted to write the names of the people he wanted to give his valentines to, but I told him that the rules were that he had to give them to everyone.

“But they’re Spiderman, Mom!” he argued. “Girls don’t like Spiderman!”

“Some girls do,” I assured him. “I like Spiderman.”

He looked at me knowingly. “Some girls like Spiderman, but girls really don’t like it,” he informed me with a superior air.

Who am I to argue?

Well, since the pencils I found have lots of pinks and purples and are kind of girly and the monkeys on the goody bags are all boy monkeys (because they don’t have bows on their heads, which, The Boy informed me, is how you know if it’s a girl monkey or a boy monkey), I think the gender thing will balance out.

I am bummed, though, that I’ll have to miss his Valentine’s Day party at school. (I have a meeting that the CEO will be attending, so I kind of can’t skip out on it.) Regardless of my feelings about the day, it’s still a good excuse for the kids to have a little party.

Even if the “holiday” is really just a lot of fluff.


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