Day 2 of Week 4: A daytime run

Okay, the 3-minute jog isn’t terrible. The 5-minute jog isn’t the worst thing ever, either. And I’m even beginning to tolerate the hills. (Okay, that’s going a bit far. Maybe I’m just disliking them less because I’m just getting used to them.)

In total honesty (and really, why shouldn’t I be honest in my own blog?), my least favorite thing about today’s run was the heat. My little weather app on my computer says that it’s 79°F and overcast outside. (I could tell it was overcast; I didn’t realize it was so hot, though.) And in Florida, cloud cover means higher humidity.

Higher humidity = more sweating = unhappy Eileen.

I didn’t get up at 4 (or even 5, since it’s Sunday) today like I really wanted to. The Boy awoke around 1:30 because he couldn’t sleep, which only meant that I was up and down three or four times until he finally stopped calling out for me at about 2:30. But, of course, you don’t really know when he’s done; you just kind of wait in that do-I-dare-go-back-to-sleep-or-not limbo.

Needless to say, I didn’t get up for an early morning run.

But no matter, I figured. It’s Sunday; I can run at any time today!

(Note to self: Get up at 4AM to run, no matter what the cost. It’s so much better than running at noon. And 60°, while chilly, is infinitely better than 80°. In fact, I’d even take 50° and promise not to ever complain about wanting to be warm if it meant I could avoid running in 80° weather again, but, living in Florida, that’s not likely.)

Okay, so how did the run go? Very well, I think, heat notwithstanding. I admittedly checked my phone a few times during the first 3-minute run, but I got my breathing in check and did well. I even stretched out the last 5-minute run into an 8-minute run (I’ll be running that on Thursday, anyway) just to prove that I could. And so I did.

I’m confident I’ll be ready for the Family Fun Run at the end of the month, even though I’ll only be in Week 7. More challenging will be the Earth Day 12K in April, but I’ve got some time to work up to that.

Hey – at least I’ve set my next goal, right?


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