Now into Week 4

Day 1 of Week 4 is now under my belt. I’m quite proud; I can run 5 minutes straight now without feeling like I’ve been kicked in the gut or like I’m on the verge of collapse. It’s a great feeling to look at the first 3 weeks of C25K and laugh that I was once intimidated by the idea of running for 3 minutes. I saw next week’s runs will be 8 minutes long, and while that admittedly freaks me out a bit, I know I’ll be ready.

That said, I’ve determined running is no longer my nemesis. Now that I have that whole breathing rhythm thing (mostly) under control, I’m not feeling so winded running.

But when I slow down to walk, dear God, it’s like my muscles have declared war. And oddly, the only thing that numbs the pain is, well, more running.

In my head, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I’m sure it’s normal.

I went running tonight because I overslept this morning. I woke up at 5:15 and was so frustrated that I didn’t wake up for my run. I brought my gym bag (and my hydration belt) to the office in case I’d get a chance to run with some people during lunch, but no one was running today and, though I know the area well, I didn’t want to go running by myself. (Safety and all that.)

So Cute Husband was my hero and fed and bathed The Boy while I went out for my run. In fact, when I came home, The Boy was enjoying a nice bubble bath. (I think I may be next.) The temperature is in the low 70s, but it’s overcast so there’s a bit of humidity. I wore shorts and a lightweight hoodie, and I was comfortable.

I definitely prefer early morning runs to these evening jaunts, though. But I’m really proud of myself for running tonight, especially since it would have been really easy to blow it off and “promise” to do it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Now into Week 4

    • I like to get up at 4 for my AM run. Cute Husband is typically up at 6 and The Boy is (usually) up not long after that. So a 4AM wake up gives me ample time to eat, stretch, hydrate, run, stretch, bathe, and dress before the rest of the house is up.

      And I really am enjoying C25K. I was just telling Cute Husband that I love how I feel after the run. (Well, after stretching and bathing, anyway.) The process itself is still growing on me, but I like the after-the-fact feeling!

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