Conversational Gems: 2012 January 31

Scece: In the car, driving home from school. The Boy is in the back seat and I am driving.

The Boy: Mom, which President did Daddy shake his hand?

Me: President Obama. He’s the President right now.

The Boy: Oh yeah; I forgot. I was telling Ms. M, but I couldn’t remember.

Me: You know, not many people have been President of the United States.

The Boy: Maybe I’ll be President when I grow up.

Me: Maybe.

The Boy: But I have a lot to learn first.

Me: Yes, you do.

The Boy: And I need to make lots of friends.

Me: That’s also true.

The Boy: [thinking] Will I have to shake a lot of people’s hands?

Me: Yes, most definitely.

The Boy: Even if they’re dirty?


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