Yet another reason to go to the Magic Kingdom

Cute Husband and The Boy both desperately needed haircuts this weekend, so we visited their barber, Michal, at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street yesterday.

Yes, the Caines men get their hair cut at the Magic Kingdom.

Anyway, when we were at EPCOT last week (playing the Kim Possible game), Cute Husband told me about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, a similar game that they’re currently testing at the Magic Kingdom.

Before we left for the Magic Kingdom, The Boy informed me that he didn’t really like the Magic Kingdom. “It’s too crowded,” he said, “not like EPCOT or the Studios.” As I usually do when he makes such declarations, I took it in stride and told him that we don’t need to stay at the Magic Kingdom for very long, but it’s important that he gets a haircut.

After the guys saw Michal (I really do recommend making appointments if you need to go to the barber shop), Cute Husband took The Boy to the Fire Station where a sign indicated that sorcerers were needed.

And then we got our cards and the map.

This is a really cute (and fun) game that easily appeals to a wide range of ages. (I was actually a little jealous that The Boy got to unlock all the locks and cast all the spells, but I’m also a little neurotic like that.) It’s basically an interactive card-based game. You get a “key” card that unlocks secret portals (designated by the red symbols on the map), and at each of the portals, you get to interact with different characters from one of the Disney movies. (Our story involved characters from The Princess and the Frog, which I still have yet to see.)

When you initially “apply” to be a sorcerer, you get 5 cards that are similar to Pokemon cards. And, like Pokemon cards, you can collect them all! (But unlike Pokemon cards, booster packs aren’t available. Yet.) These cards are “spell” cards; you hold them up to the portal and – poof! – you’re able to cast a spell against one of the villains. Each card has Attack, Boost, and Shield powers, but since none of those powers are really explained (or used) in the interactive theme park game, I have a feeling there will be a stand-alone card game akin to Magic or Pokemon for guests to play once they get the cards home. (And it will also require the purchase of booster packs because, well, you really can’t do much with just the 5 cards they give you and, well, who wouldn’t want to collect all 70 cards?)

So anyway, we stayed for more than just haircuts, and The Boy is anxious to go back and take his key card to Adventureland where he needs to check in at the flame symbol.

Maybe next time he’ll let me unlock the portals and cast the spells. But I doubt it.


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