That’s how I feel today.

Also on the list: exhausted, sore, and worn-out.

As you may guess, Week Two Day One kind of kicked my out-of-shape ass.

Now, to be fair, there were a few things different about today:

  • I trained in the afternoon, and 4:30PM is very different from 4:30AM.
  • I also trained after spending 6 hours walking around EPCOT.
  • Today’s training involved running for longer durations (90 seconds versus the 60 I was running during Week One.
  • I (foolishly) decided to challenge myself and run (yes; I really did mostly run) up and down the hill by my subdivision.
  • I shudder to think how my body will rebel against me in the morning. I dutifully stretched (both before and after), but my muscles just feel really tired now.

    I don’t feel that same euphoria I experienced Friday morning (or even Wednesday morning) after I finished training. Right now, I just feel like I’ve beat up myself.

    Oh, Bed, how eager am I to join thee!


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