Week One Day Two of training

So, I’m doing the Disney Family Fun Run during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend next month. The Fun Run (which kind of seems like an oxymoron) is just a 5K, but you’re still required to keep a certain pace. And since I’ll be running with my sister and nieces (who are all much more fit than I), I just need to make sure I don’t embarrass myself overmuch.

Hence Week One of training.

So far, it hasn’t been bad. I found a training regiment that I like, one that fits my comfort zone. My sister suggested I check out Hal Higdon‘s training programs, but even his novice 5K program seemed a little aggressive to me. (My friend Theresa stifled a laugh when she saw the word “novice” on the top of the training schedule. She’s got quite a few half-marathons under her belt already, so she’s allowed.)

Anyway, this C25K (Couch to 5K) schedule isn’t terribly difficult. It’s just 3 days a week (I’ve chosen Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and so far involves alternating intervals of walking and running. I trained (“ran” sounds so misleading since I really walked most of it) Monday after work but discovered to my dismay yesterday that I clearly did not stretch enough either before or after (or both) because my muscles were sore. So last night, I was careful to stretch before bed, and I diligently stretched this morning (and after!) before my 4:30 session.

I will still remember to bring ice packs to work. And I really ought to memorize a quick 15-minute yoga routine.

But the important part is that I did it and I feel really good about it. And since I got it out of the way super early this morning, I don’t have to worry about it again until Friday.

One of two things will likely happen at the end of next month’s Family Fun Run: I will either decide I love running and will not want to stop or I will never want to see another pair of running shoes again.

Stay tuned.


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