Signed up for the Family Fun Run

Last weekend, my sister was in town to run the Disney Half-Marathon. She did great, finishing in less than 2-1/2 hours and beating her New York City Half-Marathon time. (Yes, this was her second half-marathon.) At the finish, she was exuberant and (rightfully) proud, and we were all there to congratulate her. A half-marathon is, after all, no easy feat.

I had taken up running last year and was doing quite well until I pulled a hamstring. After that finally healed, it became easy to come up with excuses not to run. It was too hot (very true; summers in Florida are brutal), I was too busy, blah blah blah. The reality is that running was no longer a priority. So I just didn’t do it.

Well, now that I feel like a total slacker after watching my sister finish her second half-marathon race – and at a more than respectable pace, no less – I’ve followed her lead and signed up for the Family Fun Run at the end of February. It’s at EPCOT during the Princess Half-Marathon weekend, and since my sister and both my nieces will be running it, I really think I ought to do it, too.

So I signed up.

The race is a 5K, roughly 3 miles and definitely doable. (That roughly equals 4 laps around my neighborhood.) I’ve walked a number of 5Ks before, but this will be my first time attempting to run one. As I only need to maintain a 16-minute mile pace, it shouldn’t be too bad.

We’ll see how I do. My greatest fear is that both my nieces (who are already more athletic than I) will significantly outpace me. But this is really just something for me. If they outpace me, it’s okay.

I’ll still meet them at the finish line.


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