Kicking off another year

One of the benefits of having a birthday so close to the start of the year is that I get an extra day or two to decide what changes I’d like to make in the new year. In that respect, it’s like I get a couple extra days before my resolutions really kick in.

I don’t have many resolutions this year. One thing I’d like to do is write every day. And by “write”, I mean both blog and creatively write. We’ll see how it goes. So far, so good on the blog bit. I’ll get to creative writing tomorrow.

I was incredibly remiss in writing the entire month of December. Work seemed to get busier, the house seemed to need more attention, and, well, the truth of it is that writing took a bit of a back seat to other projects. I’m not saying that won’t happen anymore; I’m just admitting the truth and putting it out there.

Tomorrow marks The Boy’s return to school, and he is so excited. When I asked him tonight about his day, he told me he had a bad day (despite hanging out with Aunt BK and Uncle Doug for a few hours) because he really wanted to go to school, instead.

I can’t make up this stuff.

It promises to be a bit cold tomorrow, so I’m glad I fixed the hem on his uniform pants. I had been inwardly cringing each week as I noticed his pants seemed to have inched up ever so slightly. When I finally re-hemmed them this weekend, I found that I had to lengthen his pants by about 3/4 of an inch! And that’s just from August!

The other thing The Boy is doing – and doing well – is reading. Now I’m checking for comprehension to make sure he understands the words he reads.

He keeps me on my toes, and I have a feeling there will be far more of that this year.


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