The Boy’s first report card

I don’t know why I was so nervous opening up the little white envelope that came in The Boy’s folder today. I mean, he’s in Pre-Kindergarten, for crying out loud. It’s not like this first report card will dictate where he goes to college or what profession he’ll ultimately pursue.

Anyway, he did very well. The scoring for the Montessori program at his school doesn’t follow traditional grading, so it took a minute for me to understand what I was reviewing.

A score of N means that a skill set has yet to be introduced. The only areas where he received an N were under Mathematics for addition and subtraction. Cute Husband and I have introduced both concepts here at home, but he just hasn’t done activities that work within those areas at school.

A score of I means that a skill set has been introduced and that the child is currently working on that skill. The Boy didn’t receive any I scores on his report card.

A score of P means that the child is in the process of mastering a certain skill set. In my mind, this is the equivalent of S, or Satisfactory. In other words,, The Boy does this reasonably well, but not perfectly. Most of his scores were Ps.

Finally, a score of E means that the child has established mastery of a skill. The Boy received a handful of E scores:

  • Makes friends easily
  • Works and plays with others
  • Takes pride in work
  • Participates in group activities
  • Speaks in sentences
  • Alphabet sounds

These really don’t surprise me; he’s a very social child, after all.

What made me smile, though, was in the comments:

C has adjusted to our environment just fine. He is making fantastic progress on all the areas. We are focusing on mastering our classroom rules. He is a leader and we are encouraging him to apply it in a positive way. He shows great pride while working. Keep up the good work!

The Boy is definitely a born leader. He’s very charismatic, and I’m glad his teachers recognize this and are showing him how to channel it in a way that doesn’t disrupt the other kids.

It reminded me of one of my own preschool report cards that I found among my mother’s papers many years ago. In the comments, my teacher wrote that I was a natural leader but needed to learn to follow directions and work well with others.

Maybe The Boy and I really aren’t that different, after all.


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