Today’s puzzle: _OUSE

“I know what this is!” The Boy exclaimed when he opened his puzzle in the car this afternoon. We were running a bit late this morning, so I grabbed the last easy puzzle Cute Husband made for him.

“Oh?” I asked.

“Yeah! It’s a house!”

“Does it look like anyone’s house? Or is it just a house?”

“It looks like our house!”

From the corner of my eye, I could see him in my mirror, opening his tiny box of crayons.

“Um, Mom? What color is the door?”

“You know, you can color that house any color. It doesn’t have to look like our house.”

“I know. But I want it to look like our house. What color is the door?”

“Dark blue,” I replied.

He pulled out all the crayons and frowned. “I don’t have dark blue,” he announced.

“Sure you do,” I said. “I put one in the box.”

He held up the darkest of the three blue crayons I packed for him. “This one?” he asked.

I glanced in the mirror. “Yes.”

He began to color, then frowned. “It’s not dark blue, Mom. It’s darker, but it’s not dark blue.”

When he finished with the door, he held up another blue crayon, the lightest of the shades of blue I packed. “Um, Mom, our house is all this color?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Even the garage?”

“Yes, even the garage.”

He began coloring the page furiously. After a few moments he paused and said rather dramatically, “Ugh! I’m so tired coloring this whole house!”

Finished puzzle from Monday, 11/14/2011


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