Today’s puzzle: PINEA__LE

I shuffled through a few papers to get The Boy’s puzzle selections for the morning. He spotted the drawing of a pineapple right away.

“I see a pineapple!” he exclaimed.

“Do you want to do the pineapple?” I asked.

“No, I want to pick one. I just saw it there. That’s all.”

I quickly fanned out folded three sheets. He studied them carefully, the looked up at me, dismayed.

“I don’t see the pineapple,” he said.

I reached over to grab the puzzle he spotted just seconds before and placed it on top of his choices.

“Oh, I want to do the pineapple one!”

When we sounded out the word together so that he could fill in the missing letters, I told him it was the same letter twice, but only making one sound.

And I was happy to see that he remembered that when he finished the puzzle after school.

Finished puzzle from Monday, 11/07/2011


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