Craft Time with Mrs. Caines

I went to The Boy’s school this morning to lead his class in a craft. I initially only signed up for December, but I saw there was an opening for November, as well, and signed up for it. After all, it’s crafts, and, well, I love doing crafts with The Boy.

I found this fingerprint tree on Pinterest and decided this would be great to do with The Boy’s class. It met all the basic criteria: easy, fun, can be done in small groups, and in keeping with one of the classroom themes (parts of the leaf are being covered this month).

The best part of leading the craft wasn’t the craft itself, but being present to observe The Boy and his classmates during Circle Time. It was so cute to watch, and I could see that he really is thriving at school. They begin the day with a “Hello” song, then move on to discuss the days of the week, the date and the weather. And through it all, The Boy was (mostly) behaved. One of the kindergarteners started talking to him during Circle Time, and after Ms. M reprimanded them, he covered his ears when the same boy began talking to him again.

He really is a good kid.

The craft itself was fun and only took an hour for the whole class to complete. The Boy was part of the first group and was the first to finish his tree (I let him do a sample tree on Saturday, so he was kind of over it), which only meant that he came to me periodically to show me all the lessons he worked from start to finish while I was there. (There were quite a few of them, really.) Some of his classmates took longer to complete it (including one little girl who wanted to cover the entire paper with fingerprints), but everyone seemed to have fun with it.

And now I have another month to set up December’s craft.


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