Another milestone, this time on the playground

In all my excitement over my finished craft project, I completely forgot about The Boy’s big news yesterday:

He learned how to slide down a skinny vertical pole on the playground yesterday!

He told Cute Husband about it on the way home, so I saw a text that read “Learned how to slide down pole on playground” while I was in a late-afternoon meeting. As I tucked him into bed, I asked The Boy to tell me about it.

“Well,” he said, showing me the motions on an imaginary pole, “first you hold onto the pole with one hand like this, then put your other hand under it like this, then put your legs like criss-cross-applesauce around the pole like this, and then you just do it!”

He told me Mrs. G (the teacher’s assistant in his classroom) helped him the first time, holding him to ensure he didn’t fall, but after that, he slid down the pole on his own five more times.

His world of fun has just increased exponentially, and The Boy is so excited!


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