Today’s puzzle: _ONKEY

I didn’t give The Boy a number of choices this morning. Instead, I offered him a single folded sheet of paper.

“Mom!” he said indignantly. “Where are my other puzzles?”

“I’m not giving you choices this morning, honey,” I replied. “This is your puzzle for today.”

He let out a loud sigh and looked at the piece of paper in my hand. “Don’t open it,” he said. “I have to guess what it is.”

I stood holding the paper for a few moments and flipped it so he could see the other side.

“Mom! Don’t show me! I have to guess!”

“Well, do you know what it is?”

“It’s a monkey,” he said, taking the paper from me and unfolding it. “See?”

I asked him what colors he would need, and he studied the picture.

“I need brown,” he said decisively. “And yellow.”

“Is that it?”

“And green to write the letter.”

As I looked into the little box of crayons I packed yesterday to make sure he had the requested colors, I said, “Tell me something about this monkey.”


“Tell me a story about him. Do you think he’s a happy monkey?”

“Um, no.”

“Is he sad?”

“No, he’s scared.”

“He’s scared? Why?”

“Because he doesn’t know his banana is really a microphone.”

Finished puzzle from Tuesday, 11/02/11


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