Another crafty weekend

It rained most of the day Saturday, so The Boy and I stayed inside all day. Cute Husband took his car in for service early in the morning, and we surprised him when he came home with a plate of French toast.

All day Saturday, despite cognitively knowing that I needed to do laundry, I was a slacker and crocheted most of what will be a large bag (suitable for taking to the beach or the farmers market) out of plarn. That also meant I had to make plarn, which Cute Husband was kind enough to help me make last night while he watched something on NetFlix.

The Boy hasn’t really been feeling well this weekend. We really didn’t do anything creative together. He played with his Beyblades all weekend, but we did have some Mommy-Son bonding time over Green Day Rock Band yesterday.

Today was far more productive. Not only did I run the dishwasher and get 2 loads of laundry done, I made pancakes for breakfast, Cheesy Pizza Poofs for lunch, and Candy Corn Cupcakes to bring to school tomorrow for The Boy’s Halloween party.

The Boy sort of helped me with the cupcakes. I had a small bag of candy corn (ultimately used to decorate the cupcakes going to school) and asked The Boy to help mix the food coloring into the cake batter so I could layer the colors and mimic the look of candy corn. Then after I frosted the cupcakes, he helped me decorate them with tiny candy pumpkins and cats that I got from a Williams-Sonoma cookie decorating kit several years ago.

The Boy also helped carve this year’s pumpkin. When Cute Husband was a boy, he used to draw a number of facial elements on a paper (akin to all those Mr. Potato Head pieces) and select the ones he wanted on a pumpkin. His father would then draw a face based on those choices, allow him to make any necessary modifications, then carve the pumpkin.

Well, The Boy’s process wasn’t quite the same. Rather, he drew a face and, after explaining his vision, Cute Husband carved the face into the pumpkin. Cute Husband was very careful to make certain this was what The Boy wanted, and at the end, The Boy was pleased with the final product.

There was one particularly endearing thing I was glad to witness. As Cute Husband was gutting the pumpkin, The Boy said he wanted to help. Cute Husband tilted the pumpkin toward him, and, after declaring the pumpkin was “stinky”, he reached one hand into the pumpkin cavity, pulled out a single seed (no pulp attached to it), then announced that he needed to wash his hands.

Well, maybe he’ll be more enthusiastic about cleaning it next year.

I put The Boy to bed without any fuss at 6:30; he was asleep by 7. (So much for not understanding his proper bedtime.) It’s obvious he’s not feeling well when he makes very little effort to stay awake a little bit longer.

And in the meantime, I’ve used up my plarn-making supplies, so my bag is on hold until I can get more.


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