Today’s puzzle: TI_I

I showed The Boy two folded pieces of paper for him to choose this morning. Cute Husband has drawn much more than this, but I don’t want to let him choose from the entire collection. Too many choices, I find, leads to too much indecision.

Anyway, he selected the “box”, and when he unfolded it, he recognized it right away as a Tiki. (Cute Husband has an extensive collection of Tiki mugs, and The Boy has been exposed to a lot of Polynesian art.)

“What’s the missing letter?” I asked.

The Boy sounded out the word slowly. “G,” he said finally.

“No, the word is ‘Tiki’,” I said carefully. I repeated the word slowly, carefully enunciating the second syllable. “Tiki.”

“C?” The Boy asked.

“No, but you’re close. What else makes the |k| sound?”

He was silent as he thought carefully. “K!”

When I picked him up from school today, I found him at the picnic table on the playground with Mrs. C and a few other kids. He had just started coloring the Tiki, but he already filled in the missing letter before I arrived.

“Did you need any help finishing the puzzle?” I asked as we drove home.

“No, I already knew it,” he replied.

Finished puzzle from Thursday, 10/27/11

I’m glad we review these in the mornings together. For one, it allows me to correct his pronunciation (which is the only reason he would write the wrong letter for any of these puzzles), but now that he’s starting to complete them while he’s waiting for me to pick him up from school, it still gives us a chance to talk about them.


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