Today’s puzzle: DO_

I think I need to show The Boy pictures of more animals. When he picked out this morning’s puzzle (“It’s a dog! I can tell by its ear and its nose.”), he told me he needed to have a brown crayon to color in the picture. I’m afraid he’s sticking too much to what is familiar and not really expressing himself creatively.

Or I could be totally over-analyzing this.

On the way home today, I asked The Boy to tell me about the dog.

“He’s happy,” he told me, “because he sees someone who is going to pet him.”

He colored the dog’s ear then pulled a red crayon from the box.

“I’m going to color his tongue red because I know dogs have red tongues,” he explained.

After The Boy finished coloring the picture, he showed it to me. “See, Mommy? It’s a brown dog, but I didn’t color his eyes because I know dogs have white eyes.”

Finished puzzle from Tuesday, 10/25/11


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