“I just don’t feel good. I have bacteria.”

Cute Husband has an ear infection. He went to the clinic on Sunday and came back with antibiotics that he needs to take twice a day and drops that he needs to put in his ear two to three times a day. The Boy knows that an infection is caused by bacteria that the body has to work hard to fight. And he knows that medicine will help the body fight the bad bacteria.

This morning, I put drops in Cute Husband’s ear as he laid on the bed while The Boy got dressed. Then after Cute Husband got up and went to the bathroom to clean off the medicine that dripped out of his ear (“There’s no drainage; of course it’s going to drip out!” he explained.), The Boy sneezed and a bunch of mucous came out of his nose. I quickly cleaned it up, and he sniffed loudly.

“I’m too sick to go to school today,” he announced.

“Really?” I asked. “What doesn’t feel good?”

“My throat,” he said in his most dramatic voice. “My throat hurts and my stomach because of all the stuff in my nose.”

“Oh,” I said sympathetically. “Well, I’ll give you some medicine for your nose and throat, and if you feel sick during the day, make sure you tell Ms. M and she’ll call me to come get you.”

“What’s going on?” Cute Husband asked as he came back into the room.

“He’s not feeling well,” I explained. Then silently, I mouthed, “He’s fine.”

“Yeah, my throat hurts and my stomach and nose.”

“Is everything okay at school? Is anyone being mean to you?” Cute Husband asked. He and I both know that if a child who loves school and asks to go to school on the weekends suddenly changes his mind and asks to stay home, there may be problems at school.

The Boy looked taken aback by the question. “No,” he replied. “I just don’t feel good. I have bacteria.”

“Oh,” I said with a nod. “Did you get the bacteria from Daddy’s ear?”

“Yeah. I’m allergic to it.”


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